We can uniquely help you purchase premium grass-fed beef or pork in bulk (Whole, or Half) directly from local pastures. This will save you money and ensure you have the best tasting, locally raised, grass-fed beef or pork for your enjoyment. Beef from Houston County Farms is “Texas Born & Raised” in the piney woods region of East Texas.

All livestock is premium quality and raised in local pastures not inhumane commercial feedlots. Houston County is the oldest county in Texas and is home to Davy Crockett National Forest. This county’s ideal habitat, complete with plenty of grazing land and the iconic piney woods, makes for happy, healthy, Texas-born livestock, and great tasting, high quality beef.

All of our pasture raised products are guaranteed to be the best quality, and you can be sure of the following:

  • Never treated with growth hormones, steroids or other harmful chemicals
  • 100% pastured raised and never sent out to a commercial feedlot fed
  • 100% grass fed and grass finished at your request
  • Limited grains or corn of any kind unless requested by the customer
If you are interested in purchasing beef (or other livestock) in bulk, please click the link below and submit the online form to give us information about what you want and your desired quantity:
CLICK HERE for “Purchase from the Pasture” Request Form.


To conform with state regulations, we will coordinate the purchase of your livestock from one of our approved Houston County farms or the farm of your choice.


The table below shows a sample hanging weight of 500 pounds (which is about 60% of “live” weight) and the approximate weight you would take home if you purchase a whole, half, or quarter. If you have it cut bone-in, you will take home roughly 55-60% of the hanging weight. If you have it cut bone-out, you will take home roughly 50-55% of the hanging weight. We used the most conservative figures of 65% and 55% for calculations below, but as we said, the exact percentage will vary. When you know your hanging weight, you can make approximate calculations based on this same formula. Divide the total price by the approximate weight and you will have a rough estimate of your take-home price.
As you can see, the price is still substantially lower than what you usually pay for ground beef in a grocery store or natural food store (pork is very similar). Your take-home price is for all your cuts, including steaks, roasts, ground beef, short ribs, and so forth. There are no additional fees for processing or sales taxes.
Look over the possible cuts on the processing instruction form on our website.


Estimated Cuts Approximate Number of Cuts
Beef Cut Package Description Whole Half
Steaks (including sirloin, and t-bone) 1″ thick, 2 to a pack, weight varies 56 (28 packs) 28 (14 packs)
Roasts (including chuck, rump, shoulder, and sirloin tip) 2-3 pounds each 23 11
Ground beef 1 pound package 88 44
Other cuts (these can all be ground, and proportions can vary by adding or reducing ground beef.)
Cube steak (thin, pressed steak) 1 pound 10 5
Boneless stew (stewing chunks) 1 pound 10 5
Brisket Weight Varies 2 1
Flank steak Weight Varies 2 1
Skirt steak Weight Varies 2 1
Bones and ribs
Short ribs 2 pounds 10 5
Price per pound (hanging weight)* $5.25/lb* $5.25/lb*
Sample prices based on 500 lb. hanging weight $2,625 $1,312.50
Freezer Space Needed(Approximate) 12 cubic feet 6 cubic feet
These approximations are for a 500 lb. hanging weight beef. The exact number will vary depending on the size of the animal and the size of the steaks and roasts. Tyer’s is currently cutting steaks at 1 inch thick, but we can specify the thickness for each customer. Thicker steaks means fewer steaks. Other cuts are available as well. Please call us if you have special requests
* Price subject to change.



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